If you’re in the process of planting a garden, be sure to visit Horticultural Touch today. Even if you’d simply like to add a few potted plants to the exterior of your home, our garden centre offers a full range of products to suit your needs.
We’re Open All Week Long!

Erika Stenberg owns Horticultural Touch, and retains a true passion for the business. She grew up a part of the nursery industry and always played a large role in the family business. Erika eventually went on to earn a diploma of horticulture in Chicago, and spent the next 30 years running a wholesale nursery.

In 2013, Erika Stenberg decided to take matters into her own hands, and opened the Horticultural Touch Garden Centre. Nowadays, local North Maclean residents consult with Erika for all their gardening needs. Our team takes great pride in assisting the local community. We love seeing our beloved ecosystem thrive!

To learn more about our specific rates and products, be sure to call us on 0429 269 771.
As always, you’re more than welcome to stop by and say hello.

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